Thursday, 8 April 2010

GeoEdge Proxy Solutions: Features

GeoEdge tech support sent me the following list of features:
  • More than 50 countries
  • 15 of the leading US cities and metros.
  • A Windows VPN product for ads inside apps and using with Explorer and Chrome.
  • Mobile emulator.
I was amazed to see countries like Chile, Philippines and probably the whole of Europe. All working at high speed.
The big US cities feature is something I've never seen before. I have many ideas how to utilize it. Connecting to Geo-targeting within the US? Wow. I've yet to test the other features

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Finding Global Proxy Service

Recently I have been advising many affiliate networks and ad networks as geo-targeted ads usage is growing, I am looking for the best solutions for viewing websites and ads from around the world. My intention is to review various solutions as it seems that the market is packed with many cheap offers and only a few are high quality.
I have been introduced lately to Geoedge, which offered a free one-week trial. Updates soon.
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